Valentina Modern LED Kroonluchters Goud Metaal Woonkamer/Eetkamer

Aanbiedingsprijs€399,99 EUR

Aantal lampen: 4-Lamp

    Type Kroonluchters
    Stijl Valentina
    Voorgestelde ruimte geschiktheid Woonkamer
    Voorgestelde Kamergrootte 10㎡-15㎡
    Binnen of openluchtgebruik Binnen
    Dimbare Geen
    Lichtkleur Zonder lampen
    Smart Ingeschakeld /
    Montage nodig Ja
    IP-code IP20
    Krachtbron Hardwired
    Informatie over de lamp
    Lichtbron inbegrepen Geen
    Type lamp LED/Incandescent/Fluorescentie
    Lampfitting E27
    Aantal lampen 4
    Spanning (V) 110V-240V
    Maximum Wattage (W) /
    Primair materiaal Metaal+Glas
    Inrichtingsmateriaal Metaal
    Schaduw Materiaal Glas
    Gewicht product /
    In hoogte verstelbaar Ja
    Grootte Zie Afbeeldingen
    Inhoud van de verpakking
    De maat is handmatig gemeten, er is een fout van 1-3cm. Vanwege het verschil in licht, kan er lichte chromatische aberratie. Wij waarderen uw begrip Inadvance. Wij adviseren dat u beter een professionele elektricien laat installeren.
    • The Valentina Modern LED Chandelier is crafted with a mixture of top quality glass and metal which makes it both solid and incredibly elegant. The metal frame is compact and robust enough to be stable and strong, while the glass shades have the smooth touch with diffused light making the inside part of the space look chic and comfortable. The chandelier comes with top quality materials and details, making it a symbol of luxury in the room.
    • This luxurious gold chandelier, covered with opulence and sophistication, will enrich the aesthetic value of your house's decoration. The golden hue that carries the warmth and colorfulness of the space makes the setting complete because it further improves the look and feel of the entire room. 
    • One of the most striking features of the Valentina Modern LED Chandelier is the multi-dome shape which provides an impressive visual interest and an excellent dimension for your space. The number of domes is what makes the silhouette dynamic and eye-catching at the same time, while the clean lines and sleek curves give to the design a modern and trendy look This distinct shape distinguishes the chandelier from the other pieces, drawing it in and bringing it to life through a wide range of decor styles from modern and minimalist to classic.
    • The Valentina LED Chandelier is perfect for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. This model provides for flexible lighting in the home. Its fancy frame and gorgeous golden finish make it the perfect piece of decor for a cosy reading corner, a formal dining room or a posh living room. Similarly, its durable construction and high-quality materials guarantee durability, so it can be used in the residential as well as commercial area.
    • The Valentina Modern LED Chandelier embodies contemporary sophistication and luxury, fitting in the category of a trendy eye-catcher for the interests of house owners and decorators. Slim contours, glamorous gold outer sheet, which is complemented by a slight multi-dome shape that completes this decorative piece and makes it unique. 
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    Valentina Modern LED Kroonluchters Goud Metaal Woonkamer/Eetkamer

    Aanbiedingsprijs€399,99 EUR
    Aantal lampen: 4-Lamp

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